About Daily ETC

Before participating make sure always to read the disclaimer at the bottem of the website. The contract will keep paying out until new funds are needed. Keep this always in mind before participating. At some point the contract may reach a critical point that it doesn't have enough funds to pay out anymore. Thats how these games work.

Thats why you should never play with too much ETC and we advise always to withdraw your rewards until you break even before reinvesting. The creators are not responsible for any ETC that get stuck when not enough funds are in the contract, you can not stop your lending and take out your deposits, if you play you accept these risks.

Daily ETC strives to generate additional income for its investors. Nowadays you only see the same concepts but only on the Ethereum network. We want to be different by offering people this opportunity on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network.

Even if you do not invest yourself but share your personal link and attract other investors, you can generate income! The smart contract is open source and can be assessed by everyone.

ePoC Token holders will also benefit from Daily ETC!

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How To Invest

Step #1

Participating in Daily ETC is very simple and user-friendly.

Before you start make sure you have Saturn Wallet installed, this is a Google Chrome extension and is identical to MetaMask with the exception that it can connect to the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic network.

If that is all right, go to "Invest".


Step #2

At the card called "Invest ETC" you can enter how much ETC you want to invest.

The minimum investment requires 5 ETC.
When you have decided how much you want to invest, click the "Invest" button.
When you click on "Invest" Saturn Wallet will automatically be opened. Enter how much gwei you want to use and click on "Submit".

We recommend using at least 10 gwei for every transaction you use on this website.

Step #3

When your transaction is confirmed on the block chain, you can start earning!

In the "Your Rewards" section you can see how much ETC you have earned. This is updated automatically. This can be reinvested (by clicking on Reinvest) or you can withdraw it immediately (by clicking on Withdraw). This works the same for the affiliate rewards which are not reinvestable.

You can even earn without investing by sharing your personal link.

About the Wallets

Desktop wallet

To interact with the website you need Saturn Wallet. This is wallet is identical to MetaMask in usage and interface.

The difference between them is that Saturn Wallet is able to interact on the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic network instead of only Ethereum.

Mobile wallet

For interacting with Daily ETC on the mobile we also suggest Saturn Wallet. Make sure to download FireFox for the mobile.

To use Saturn Wallet on mobile, make sure to have the FireFox browser installed. FireFox enables you to use Saturn Wallet on the mobile.

Download Saturn Wallet
Saturn Wallet

Download FireFox
Firefox (Mobile)

About Affiliates

Step #1

Go to the "Invest" section to see your personal link.

Proceed to step 2

Step #2

The big green URL is your personal link, click on the "Copy" button.

Proceed to step 3

Step #3

Now share your link as much as possible. You will get rewarded when new investors participate through your link.. Also when you don't invest yourself!


Minimum estimated daily return

(As long as there are funds)

Feeding fee

(Click to buy ePOC)


Start Investing

Your investment:


Make sure Saturn wallet is installed

Invest ETC

Invest your ETC here.
The minimum investment is 5 ETC.

Minimum: 5 ETC

Your Rewards

You can reinvest or withdraw your rewards at any time.
No withdraw fees.



Affiliate Rewards

Any affiliate commision will show up here, instantly available to withdraw.



Daily ETC Partners

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